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Then I Discovered My Intensity Is My Superpower

As a life coach for moms like you, I nudge you to look in the mirror and see how awesome you are,  discover what you want out of life, and start asking for what you want with confidence and love.

Hi! I’m Kelly!

​In 2019 my husband and I moved to the suburbs, had a baby, and were living the dream. I’d worked hard to make this life a reality yet something was missing. I kept wondering… Is this really it?

Among the daily responsibilities, mom guilt, and pressure to be perfect, I’d stopped doing things for myself. I lost myself in a world I know so many moms relate to.

I felt purposeless, spending each day ticking off boxes and to-do lists. Trying to make life perfect.

The usual mom escapes worked for a while. And don’t get me wrong, I love a good wine night. But the thought of another trip to Target just didn’t cut it anymore.

Then I started Badass Moms.

It’s Time to Break Free from the Good-Girl to Selfless-Mother Cycle That Isn’t Serving You Anymore.

Maybe you recognize this in you too…

mom life coach, badass moms club

Tying your worth to productivity.

mom life coach, badass moms club

Constantly striving for perfection.

mom life coach, badass moms club

Believing it’s your duty to put others before yourself

mom life coach, badass moms club

Neglecting personal needs

mom life coach, badass moms club

Building pressure and resentment in relationships

mom life coach, badass moms club

Losing sight of the badass you used to be

My world reopened when I texted a friend to go surfing in the middle of winter. That small action took me from being burned out, bored, and overwhelmed to finally living like the fun-loving woman I am again.

I rediscovered myself outside of my role as a mother, wife, and employee.

I was already a badass, and so are you. You get to feel like one every day.

badass moms club mom coaching

Dig Into Your Joy

That surf day was the catalyst I needed to reopen the door to who I was inside. My joy was re-sparked. It was nothing crazy – you aren’t quitting your job and moving to Mexico, it was just a couple of hours away but it still focused on my own desire for adventure.

Soon, the local mothers’ club wanted to be taken surfing and from there everything snowballed. I rediscovered my truest persona, the varsity lacrosse came tearing out of me (Jock Jams pump up music and all)…

…Ready to lift you up and cheer you on but now as on as your mom life coach;

  • Helping you see what patterns are getting in your way.
  • Holding a safe and trustworthy place for self-inquiry.
  • Giving pep talks and calling you out on your unique qualities.
  • Showing you what a badass you really are (already).
  • Bridging deep connections with other like-minded moms.
  • Being a soundboard so you can listen and reflect on what you actually want.

I love you, you got this!

Let your children know the True You not just the Perfect Parent you think you’re supposed to be