Work with me

“A much needed recharge and breathed life back into a tired mama. Built confidence in trying new things.”

Katie Colancecco

“It was amazing, badass, cathartic, hard, life-giving... All the things I really, really needed.”

Rachel Pascual

1:1 Coaching

You’re smart – and that brain of yours sometimes gets in the way. Learn tools of practical neuroscience to interrupt the patterns of perfectionism no longer serving you, and choose a new path.

Together we’ll get to know your calm empowered state, and use that identity to inform us each session: What’s underneath that anxiety?

Group Workshops

Bring meaningful change and connection to your next retreat, team training, or club event.

Both in-person and zoom workshops incorporate hypnosis and neuroscience to leave participants with tools they can use at home, and a deeper connection to their inner wisdom.

We wind up both crying and laughing within the hour session.

Badass Moms Club

You’re tired of doing this alone – and sometimes you don’t even recognize yourself. Weren’t you going to be the “fun mom”? It’s not your fault – asking for what you want, and asking for your fun, is labeled “selfish” in a world that fetishizes self-sacrificial motherhood. Asking for what you want is integrity. Your fun is the model for your family. Find your fun, and yourself again together with a small coaching group of your fellow Badass Moms

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Actionable Take-Aways

Wish you had something you could do in the moment? This is what we create together. It’s not a 20-minute meditation done in a quiet room. It’s a tool for when you’re fed up your kid won’t go to sleep. It’s for when you feel the rage & resentment building. Something in the moment to create a roadblock – stopping you from repeating old patterns, so you can step back and be the calm, present human you want to be.

Lasting Change

Every week we’ll create change in your brain – opening a window to your unconscious mind so that even as you sleep, you’re deepening your belief in yourself. You’re deepening the knowledge that you’re safe to be you. You’re practicing the way you want to be – without even trying. Even in one session, you could notice lasting change in your career and in your relationships, 

Fun Belongs In Your Life – Don’t Let The ‘Shoulds” Convince You Otherwise

Feel calmer, happier, and connected to the people who matter

You Are A Beacon of Joy

By asking for what you want, your kids see that integrity isn’t just telling the truth – it’s also living your truth. Together with fellow moms, create a Badass Mom Identity aligned to who you innately are, and the person you want to be. And start living her. When you’re aligned to your identity, asking for what you want doesn’t feel selfish – it feels like integrity.

You’ve created an amazing life, but you miss the fun you used to have

You know something’s missing and it’s frustrating. Between never-ending to-do lists, juggling your career, family, and household duties, the logistics of doing something for yourself feels like an impossible task that you don’t have time to add to your list!

You’ve got the self-help books, therapist, and you even escape for a mani-pedi every once in a while. Yet nothing touches the root of the problem – you’re not really having fun. 

You feel alone (and truthfully, sometimes resentful) – you love your kids and the life you created but you’re craving more. 

That’s where Badass Moms and I swoop in. I’m a life coach for women just like you.

Badass Moms the key to reconnecting your current mom-existence with the badassery you’ve known your whole life. By reigniting your confidence, speaking up for what you want, and rooting deeply into the knowledge that you’re enough (and not alone).

It’s time to…

  • Find an outlet for fun that doesn’t involve another trip to Target.
  • Reconnect with what YOU love (whether it’s art or long walks)
  • Build deep friendships with women who know the true you and get it.
  • Give fewer f*cks and ask for what you want
  • Boost your energy because you LOVE your choices
  • Watch the ripple effects of your fun.
  • Dismantle internalized patriarchy

When Was the Last Time You Felt Truly Alive?

You worked hard to get where you are today – at work, in your community, in your relationships. Everywhere you go you’re a leader who takes action and makes amazing things happen. But somehow you wound up at the bottom of your own list. Not anymore. Tap into your power and live like the badass you are. Your work, your family, and your daily life will feel more vibrant when you practice living into your Badass Mom Identity.

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We meet on Zoom. Badass Moms clients are across the country and even international. If you decide 1:1 coaching is right for you, you get to pick your weekly meeting time. If you want the support of the group, Badass Moms Club meets Tuesday nights at 7:30pm ET


I hear you. You’re juggling a lot right now. What I ask is this: How will juggling feel when you’re having more fun? How will hard conversations feel when you’ve been asking for what you want? The perfect time is when you feel like you’re done pleasing others, but don’t know where to start. You may know with your smart brain where to start, but action is hard. Start here.

How Much Time Is Required?

I know you worry about not having the time to dedicate to a coaching program. And as a mom, I know sh*t comes up. We can reschedule when needed. And truly when you’re the busiest, that’s when time for yourself is most important.