Hi! I’m Kelly!

​In 2019 I moved to the suburbs, had a baby, and watched my identity crumble.

I’d worked hard to get to where I was (including a couple career changes and a failed marriage in my 20’s…) but in the tunnel-vision of achieving the milestones I wanted so badly, I lost sight of what made me, me. I looked out my cute little office window and thought, “Is this really it?”

I’d stopped doing things for myself. I lost myself in a world you might relate to. It’s hard as a mom to prioritize yourself when everyone needs you.

The built-in suburban distractions worked for a bit (Target, wine nights…). And don’t get me wrong, I love a good book club. But the thought of my fun consisting of yet another trip to Target just didn’t cut it anymore.

That’s why I started Badass Moms.

You’re a smart, accomplished badass who deserves better than the mom-guilt and unachievable selfless motherhood ideal that’s been handed to you.

It’s time to ask for what you want. It’s time to be the model of self love, bravery, and love of life you want to be for your kids.

Your fun is important – and the ripple effects of your joy impact daily life:

-How you talk to your kids in a rushed morning

– If dishes left in the sink boil your blood

– If you feel deserving of that lunch out with a friend

From the depths of that low “I hate everyone and everything” moment, I built the skills to live an authentic FUN life, surrounded by people who GET ME. My relationship has never been better, and I ride the ups and downs of motherhood with the calm clarity I always hoped I would.

You’ve got this.

It’s time to break the Selfless Mother paradigm

It’s not helping you, and it’s not helping your kids

Do you recognize the signs of “Selfless Motherhood”?

mom life coach, badass moms club

Tying your worth to productivity.

mom life coach, badass moms club

Striving for perfection.

mom life coach, badass moms club

Believing it’s your duty to put others before yourself

mom life coach, badass moms club

Neglecting personal needs

mom life coach, badass moms club

Building resentment in relationships

mom life coach, badass moms club

Losing sight of who you are

Any of those feel familiar?

You’re not alone


My Intensity Is My Superpower

You deserve to see how awesome you are, discover what you want out of life, and ask for what you want with confidence and love.

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Dig Into Your Joy

That first surf day was the catalyst I needed to reopen the door to the “me” I’d been missing. It was nothing crazy – you aren’t quitting your job and moving to Mexico, it was just a couple of hours away but tapped into my need for fun and adventure.

Soon, other women joined in on the surfing and from there Badass Moms grew. I’d rediscovered my truest self: The cheerleader for your fun. 

  • Helping you see the patterns getting in your way.
  • Using applicable neuroscience to change your brain’s proclivity towards old patterns that no longer serve you
  • Holding a safe place to ask yourself what you really want
  • Showing you what a badass you are already
  • Creating deep connections with other like-minded moms.

I love you, you got this!

You’re taught how a mother should be

But who do you want to be?

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