114 – When someone sees your magic with Katrina DeJersey

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Katrina De Jersey is a global super-connector. She has spent over 18 years living and working all around the world, including in Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and North America. Communication has always been at the heart of everything she does, but her true superpower is maintaining strong relationships from every corner of the globe. She still handwrites letters, has lived in a 12th century convent, and now lives in Sydney, Australia.

Katrina holds a degree in Journalism, majoring in Media Law and Ethics.

Hello Badass Moms! In today’s episode, we bring you Katrina De Jersey. We talk about the power of good choices and luck, how to find a mentor and a core friend group, and learning from our flops. Katrina also talks about her ability to approach anyone without fear, the challenge of returning home, and why she still handwrites letters.

Let’s delve in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [04:18] Making good choices.
  • [05:25] When luck makes things happen.
  • [07:37] Bucking the norm.
  • [10:45] Katrina’s indomitable confidence.
  • [15:12] How to find a mentor.
  • [18:31] Learning from flops.
  • [27:51] Having the ability to approach anyone.
  • [39:23] Reconciling adventure with motherhood.
  • [44:16] Katrina’s advice.
  • [55:32] Handwritten letters.



  • “Make good choices.” – Katrina De Jersey [04:33]
  • “Speak up and ask.” – Katrina De Jersey [15:52]
  • “Never think that you’re not interesting to other people.” – Katrina De Jersey [34:34]
  • “Connection transcends time.” – Kelly Donahue [62:57]


Connect with Katrina De Jersey:

·       Website:            www.katdejersey.com.

·       LinkedIn:            Katrina De Jersey.

·       Instagram:          @kdjcommunique.



Connect with Kelly Donahue:

·       Website:            badassmoms.com.

·       LinkedIn:            Badass Moms.

·       Instagram:          @kelbel_badassmoms.



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