111 – What James learned from therapy – with James Donahue

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In this episode of Badass Moms, Kelly Donahue interviews her husband James about his experience as a parent and husband. They discuss the changes that parenthood brings and the struggle to maintain one’s identity. James opens up about his nervousness in being on the podcast and the fear of judgment from others. Listeners also submitted questions for James to answer. Tune in to gain insights into navigating parenthood and maintaining a sense of self.

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In this Episode You’ll Learn:

[00:01:44] Knowing when someone is the one.

[00:07:08] Pursuing personal passions together.

[00:12:14] Cracking open dreams and enjoyment.

[00:13:29] Tapping back into your carefree self.

[00:19:08] Going after our dream.


The listener will learn about the host’s personal journey of rediscovery after becoming a parent and spouse, the concept of motherhood being a “raw deal,” the importance of choosing a partner and shared values, the challenges women face in asking for what they want in relationships, the importance of pursuing individual interests and supporting each other’s goals, the challenges and growth that come with change, the importance of addressing difficult emotions and seeking therapy, and reflections of balancing personal identity and adult responsibilities, and the host’s recent experience of selling their house and pursuing their dream of moving to California.



05:10 – “Maybe I strive for simplicity and I’m so satisfied with just having the one.”

08:47 – “Like you’re really making a difference with women.”

13:06 – “What do you have to do every day or every week to start getting that person back?”

18:32 – “Like you’re psyched to see people doing their thing.”

19:08 – “When we sold our house and realized that it was so real that we’re going after our dream.”


Connect with Kelly Donahue:

·       Website:            badassmoms.com.

·       LinkedIn:            Badass Moms.

·       Instagram:         @kellydonahue_badassmoms.


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