104 – Trading forced urgency for an intentional life with Laura Green

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Laura Green is a comedic content creator who loves to stand in front of people and tell jokes. Her brain is a hamster wheel of self-deprecating humor focused on the run and fitness industry which she attempts to communicate via short videos and storytelling. She runs a lot. And she also naps a lot. 

Laura lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two small boys. They are actually just young, not small, as they are abnormally large for their age. That’s not really important right now, is it? 

Laura has also been writing this entire bio in third person and would like to make it stop. Okay, bye.


Hello Badass Moms! In today’s episode, we bring you Laura Green, comedic content creator. We talk about Laura giving others the gift of laughter, the identity shift in motherhood, and prioritizing ourselves. Laura also talks about the Mother Brain paradigm, being intentional about her social media decisions, and what’s coming up for her.

Let’s delve in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [03:18] The gift of laughter.
  • [14:35] Being yourself in motherhood.
  • [19:14] Laura’s strengths.
  • [21:27] Finding time for what you want.
  • [25:31] When is the right time to plan something for yourself?
  • [31:33] The Mother Brain paradigm.
  • [35:46] Laura, the badass.
  • [42:30] Creating content at 36.
  • [45:40] The things that Laura is most proud of.



  • “You cannot be everything for everyone.” – Laura Green [12:26]
  • “Talk to your partner about your needs.” – Laura Green [30:20]
  • “People assume they know who you are based on what they see on the internet.” – Laura Green [36:37]


Connect with Laura Green:


Connect with Kelly Donahue:

·       Website:            badassmoms.com.

·       LinkedIn:            Badass Moms.

·       Instagram:          @kelbel_badassmoms.


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