103 – The science of your Mother Brain with Chelsea Conaboy

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Hello Badass Moms! In today’s episode, we bring you Chelsea Conaboy, health and science journalist and author of Mother Brain. We talk about the “right” way of doing things, and the science of learning to trust ourselves. Chelsea also talks about the potential topic of her follow-up book, the gaps in the research, and letting go of delusional messaging.

Let’s delve in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [02:14] It’s not just us.
  • [03:22] The right way of doing things.
  • [05:49] Learning to trust yourself.
  • [09:12] What next?
  • [16:52] Chelsea’s follow-up book.
  • [18:43] The gap in the research.
  • [24:30] What is the human family structure?
  • [27:04] Ancestral maternal ambivalence.
  • [29:59] Finding the “should.”
  • [37:12] Separating yourself from the patriarchal messaging.
  • [38:24] Chelsea, the badass.



  • “New parenthood represents a new stage of development.” – Chelsea Conaboy [07:39]
  • “The brain thrives or develops when we get it wrong.” – Chelsea Conaboy [10:33]
  • “Mistakes are part of the process. Mistakes make us better.” – Chelsea Conaboy [41:06]


Connect with Chelsea Conaboy:


Connect with Kelly Donahue:

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·       LinkedIn:            Badass Moms.

·       Instagram:          @kelbel_badassmoms.





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