Life Coaching For High Achieving Moms

Reignite The Badass Within

You’re Still The Incredible Woman You Remember

Forget Target | Forget Book Club | Forget Wine Night

They were never supposed to be your only fun

Find what lights you up, ask for it, and see the changes unfold

You’ll be amazed how fun brings the energy back to your life and relationships

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Badass Moms Club

You became so committed to this new goal, that now you’ve lost yourself in hard-core mom-ing.

You’re ready to say goodbye to mom guilt, all the should’s that make your fun sound frivolous and selfish.

Your fun matters! You know it, it just feels like another task on the to-do list…

But it’s not just about you anymore… You’re the role model for your children, you want to build a deeper (and less resentful) connection with your husband, and you want to stop living in worst-case scenarios. 

It’s time to lean into your Badass Mom Identity. You’re already a superhero, now you’re gonna feel like a badass.

Badass Moms Surf Experiences

When was the last time you tried something new?

As a mom, life runs on autopilot – and before you know it years go by. You know exactly what needs to happen and who needs you at any time of the day.

But what about you? When did you last feel excited? Laugh – like really laugh? Be willing  to fail and still have fun?

The Badass Moms Surf Experience is a safe & brave place to get your adventurous self back. 

Join a group of women who are ready to try something new, have ridiculous fun, and make new friends.

I’m Kelly, Badass Enabler and Life Coach For Moms

I know what it feels like to be lost in a world of stress, overwhelm, and responsibilities

After becoming a mom, the Kelly I used to be felt like a flickering light, barely a whisper of who I used to be. I knew there must be more – I just didn’t know what more was. So I did all the things I thought I should be doing; being social, eating well, exercising, even meditating and getting therapy (isn’t therapy the best?). But I realized I was tired of trying to fit into a cookie-cutter life that didn’t have space for my fun. 

Then one day, I rediscovered my spark. I texted a friend to go surfing with me (in the middle of winter…) and she said yes. This one simple action was the glue that connected my two lives – the badass I used to be with the mom I am today. I didn’t have to leave my job, move to a new city, or renovate my house, I just did what I loved.

I’m now a life coach for women who want to reconnect with their joy, without mom guilt or judgement getting in the way.

I’m a badass, and so are you. It’s time to feel powerful, alive, and vibrant with the mission you were born to fulfill.

“This mindset shift has really helped me feel so much more joyful in this journey that is parenting. I’m just so grateful that my girls will know the true me versus the perfect parent that I was trying to be at all times"

Ashley Shuyler

“It gave me confidence in the potential of my most deep and hidden goals. Quite frankly, it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Lauren Canny

“Badass Moms taught me that ‘having it all means living authentically with peace and compassion. It means flexing the muscle of asking for what we want, it means rediscovering what we need within our families in order to feel whole”

Julia Von Metzsch Ramos

Through Life Coaching in Badass Moms, It’s My Mission to Awaken Your Inner Badass Mom Energy So You Feel Powerful and Joyful.

Rediscover what makes you, YOU.
Reap the benefits of your hard work.
Awaken your desires, your fun, your playfulness.

Badass Moms Club, Life Coaching For Moms, Mom Life Coach

Do It For The Kids. Do It For You.